St. Yared

"St. Yared is a saint who wrote the hymnody of the Church in the 6th Century A.D. Inspired by the Holy Spirit and moved by a deep love of the Church, he composed all the hymns of the church with musical notations. He created special hymns and musical variations for different occasions and seasons. The hymns are made to glorify and praise God. The hymns of St. Yared are the central and most beautiful element of Orthodox worship. Each Sunday of our church has a theme, a mezmur, that the church ruminates on for that day."


After singing hymns we say "Zimarie mela'ikt yesme'alna," meaning 'May we hear the hymns of the angels' in the context that the foundation of hymnology in our church is St. Yared. Having been blessed by God to see and hear the hymns of the angels in the heavens, after singing we in turn praise God for allowing us to hear a resemblance of the heavenly hymns.

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