In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spitrit One God AMEN.

During the Easter occasion we recite a small proclamation known as “Kristos Tense’a Em’mutan.” It begins with a Keshi (Priest) followed by a response by the faithful. The Keshi stands in front of the alter holding the Qewami Meskel and begins with the following:

Kristos Tensea Em'mutan                                 -----------  Christ is risen from the dead!
Be’abye Haile Wuseltan                                    -----------  By the highest power and authority!
Asero Lesaitan                                                     -----------  He chained “Satan”!
Agazo Le’adam                                                    -----------  Freed Adam!
Selam                                                                    -----------  Peace!
Em’ye’eziese                                                        -----------  Henceforth!
Kone                                                                     -----------  Prevail!
Feseha Wuselam                                               -----------  Joy and Peace!




God Bless.

May the Prayers and Intercession of the Virgin Mary Mother of God, Angels and Saints be with all of us-