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Is it okay if there is a 5 year age gap?

We see many examples of husbands being older than their wives in the Bible, starting from Adam and Eve and Abraham and Sara. Generally, it is advisable to have an age gap of a couple of years with the male being older. This is because women biologically and emotionally mature faster than men. Mental and emotional maturity is a very important thing to consider when starting a relationship. Having said this, we should understand that maturity varies from person to person. God calls infants (like Abune Teklehaymanot whose first words were praising God) to minister and He calls aged men too (our Father Abraham). Age is a significant factor for maturity especially in the early years (teens and young adulthood), but it is not the only factor and becomes less so as you grow older. These are general guidelines. If you have more specific questions about age, it is advisable to share these concerns with your father of confession.

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