In the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit; One God, Amen.

"If it's beautifully baked and deliciously decadent, we will teach you how"


To create a foundation for children growing up in the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Churches of the U.S. & Canada.


To bridge the gap between youth and the church by ministering the word of God in the diaspora through conferences, seminars and retreats.


To develop resources such as an improved curriculum and translated materials that encompass the dogma and canons of our church.


To use diverse social media platforms to ameliorate the understanding of all the current, and future church faithful in the English language.

Growth in...


We love because He first loved us. Eph 5.2


Becoming one with the church and each other. Phil 2:2


Getting to know one another in Christ. Ps 55:14


Serving our church, one another, and the world, in the way Christ first served us. John 12:26

Department Heads

"Let all that you do be done with love" 1st Cor. 16:14

Deacon Natan Efrem


Deacon Natan from Debre Hayl St. Michael represents West Canada, is the Chairman of LivingTewahdo and works in the curriculum department.

For questions, comments or concerns, contact

Lidia Amanuel


From Tsirha Aryam Qidist Silassie in Maryland, Lidia represents the East region of the U.S., is the secretary of LivingTewahdo, and serves in the IT & Social Media department.

For questions, comments or concerns, contact

Deacon Filimon Zerom

LOGC Dept. Head | E. U.S. Rep

Deacon Filimon from at Medhanie Alem in Grand Rapids Michigan and heads the LOGC conference planning department in, and is the East U.S representative.

Nyat Kibreab

LOGC Dept. Head | W. U.S. Rep

Nyat from Qidist Silasie in San Jose, California, heads the LOGC conference planning department, and is the West U.S representative.

Denait Haile


Denait Haile from St. Mary's in London, Ontario, leads the Human Resources department, and represents East Canada.

Mahlet Hailu

Resources Dept. Head | W. Canada Rep

Mahliet from Debre Hayl St. Michael in Calgary, Alberta, leads the Resources department, and represents West Canada.

Danait Yonas

IT & Social Media Dept. Head | E. U.S. Rep

Danait from Debre Selam Medhani Alem in Grand Rapids, Michigan, represents the east region and leads the IT & Social Media department.

Hanna Mussie Negusse

Curriculum Dept. Head | W. U.S. Rep

Hanna from Medhanie Alem in Dallas, TX helps lead the Curriculum department, and represents the West U.S.

Members Across North America


United States of America

(4)Calgary, AB
(1)Vancouver, BC
(1) Winnipeg, MB


(1) Kitchener, ON
(2)Toronto, ON
(2)London, ON

(2) Oakland, CA
(3) San Jose, CA
(1) San Diego, CA
(2) St. Paul, MN
(2) Dallas, TX
(1) Houston, TX

(1) Hyattsville, MD
(1) Bladensburg, MD
(2) Temple Hills, MD
(1) Irvington, NJ
(2) St. Paul, MN
(3) Grand Rapids, MI
(1) Louisville, KY
(2) Indianapolis, IN
(2) Columbus, OH
(2) Cincinnati, OH

Please support us in your prayers.

May God help and guide us all into His everlasting Kingdom and peace on Earth.
If you have any questions contact our chairman, Deacon Natan Efrem at or our committee email