Hymns (Mezmur)

Mezmur or a spiritual song is a form of worship in our Holy Church, which was inspired from God and was taught to us by our Father and priest, Kidus Yared.

Kidus Yared  singing heavenly hymns.    

"...speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord,  giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ...

Ephesians 5:19-20

+St. Mary (Adena Qidistī Dingil Mariyam)+

Be-selam ni'ī

Be-selam ni'ī ni'ī Mariam (2)

Misle Weldechī (2) Medhanie Alem

Misle Michael (2) we-Gabriel

Be-selam ni'ī ni'ī Mariam(2)

Misle surafiel (2) we-kīrubel

Be-selam ni'ī i'ī Mariyam(2)

Misle kulomu(2) Kidusan

Be-selam ni'ī ni'ī Mariyam(2)

Tenazizeni (2) hazene libiye

Be-selam ni'ī ni'ī Mariyam(2)

English Translation:

With peace come, come Mary

with your Son, the Savior of the World,

With peace come, come Mary

With St. Michael and St. Gabriel

With peace come, come Mary

With the Seraphim and the Cherubim

With peace come, come Mary

With all of the Saints

With peace come, come Mary

Comfort my sad heart

With peace come, come Mary


Aklile Tsige

Aklīle tsigie Mariyam qetsela mengistu mengistu leGiyorgis (2)

Kebebe giera werq (2) aklīle tsigie (2)

English Translation:

Crown of flowers, St.Mary surrounded the the kingdom of St.George

It is covered with gold the crown of flowers


Iske Ma'izenu Igzitiye

Iske ma'izenu Igziteye wiste midre giptsī tihiliwī

Gellila itewī (4) Hagerekī Gellila itewī (2)

English Translation:

Until when will you dwell in the land of Egypt,

Enter into Galilee, to your country, enter into Galilee



Inze tihaqifīyo


Inze tihaqifīyo le-hitsanichī ni'ī Mariuam (2)

Ni'ī ni'ī ni'ī Mariam (2)


Wedikī haqīfkīyo, Ade Goytana Ni'ī Mariyam (2)

Ni'ī ni'ī ni'ī Mariyam (2)

English Translation:

As you held your Son, the Mother of our Lord, Come Mary


Inte be-midr

Inte be-midr serewīha, webe-semay atsuqīha 2x

Harege weyn harege weyn Dingil harege weyn 2x

English Translation:

In the ground are her roots, and in the sky are her branches 2x

Vine of grapes Vine of grapes Virgin vine of grapes 2x


Werede Mihret

Werede mihret 3x

be-tselota leMariyam 2x

English Translation:

Mercy has come 3x

By the prayers of Mariyam


Meharene Dingil

Mehareni Dingil we-tesehalenī bebi-zemenu 2x

le-ime meharekinī, ze-yi'koninenī menu,

Konanie siga we-nefs, weldechī Akonu 2x

English Translation:

Have mercy on me Virgin and have compassion on me in due time.