Our goal is to aid others to the extent of our ability, beginning with our monasteries, as they are the pillar of our faith without which there would be no church. Please join us in serving, and giving back to those that have been praying and fasting continually for the Church Christ died for.


Eri Monasteries

Currently fundraising for all the monasteries in Eritrea, as they are in need of our donations for both utilities as well as general upkeep.

Debre Sina Holy Trinity Theology School

Accepting both monetary donations and any books from this list that would be helpful to the Theology students at Holy Trinity!

St. Demiana & the 40 Virgins Convent

This womans convent located in the center of Asmara, helps the elderly, and young girls in need of a place to stay, and sews clothing for any age choir, clergy vestments, and clothing for holy matrimony ceremony. One can help by simply ordering clothing from these mothers, and sisters or send a monetary donation.

Info: 291-113211 or 291-7137059

Swift Code-CBERERAI-Bank of Eritrea