Sunday School Growth is Essental, Why?


Preserving what it means to be Tewahdo, ensuring the knowledge and capability to explain and defend the Orthodox faith in times of trial.


Although unworthy, Christ called us all to be His disciples, teaching servantry as Christ first taught us. This must be a habit of ours as Christians to serve God through service to one another.

The Next Generation

The foundation NEEDS to be laid with the children FIRST so the Orthodox values can form in their life and personality to continue the faith our fathers taught us in the coming generations.


Presented here is the Curriculum Lessons for Grade 5. Please use it according to the seasons of the church, for each lesson that is for a specific holiday, the lesson is one Sunday prior to the holiday. When you get the chance please leave feedback in the Survey below, constructive criticism is welcome!

Daily Prayers PPT

General Hymns

Other Resources