Sunday School Growth is Essental, Why?


Preserving what it means to be Tewahdo, ensuring the knowledge and capability to explain and defend the Orthodox faith in times of trial.


Although unworthy, Christ called us all to be His disciples, teaching servantry as Christ first taught us. This must be a habit of ours as Christians to serve God through service to one another.

The Next Generation

The foundation NEEDS to be laid with the children FIRST so the Orthodox values can form in their life and personality to continue the faith our fathers taught us in the coming generations.

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The Life of Aba Gebre Kristos | Abune Abdel Mesih

Aba Gebre Kristos | Abune Abdel Mesih

At the end of the 19th century, in 1898 Aba Gebre Kristos, the Righteous hermit of our time was born from his father ናይዝጊ ብሂል ጻድቅ (Nayzgī Bihīl Tsadiq) and his mother ምልእቱ (Mil’ite) in Liban Eritrea. His family were well off farmers but that life didn’t appeal to Aba Gebre Kristos. He was an obedient child, and like all children of Eritrea he was introduced to the church from the day he spoke, and apart from learning, he spent most of his time in droves...continue reading