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Humanitarian Aid

Source of Tewahdo Identity

Currently fundraising for all the monasteries in Eritrea, as they are in need of our donations for both utilities as well as general upkeep. Monasteries are the source of sound, foundational orthodox teaching of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Monasteries are the basic school for our Tewahedo Faith where Bishops, Monks, Mergeta’s, Priests and Deacons e.t.c are educated and equipped with the orthodox teaching and Holy Tradition that was passed from our forefathers. Monasteries are the library of our faith where centuries of books including written and oral are found. Monasteries are archives of  thousands of years of Eritrean History.

The Nuns Work

-Sewing clothing for mezemeran Vestments for deacons, priests and other clergy all the way to our Patriarch. -Curtains with different Icons on them. Painting and carving wooden Crosses. -Translating different spiritual books. And teaching different religious courses.

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