Ze-Tinsa'ie | Of the Resurrection

ዛቲ ዕለት እንተ ገብረ እግዚአብሔር፡ ንትፈሣሕ ወንትሐሠይ ባቲ፡ ኦ እግዚኦ አድኅንሶ። "zatī ilet inte gebre Igzīabihier, nitfesah we-nithasey batī, o Igzīo adhinso." "This is the day the Lord made; Let us greatly rejoice, and be glad therein. O Lord, save us now;" Psalm 118:24-25

Ze-Lidet | Of the Nativity

Negeste tersies we-desyat amiha yabewi'u: negeste saba we-areb gada yametsi'u: we-yisegidu lotu kulomu negeste midr:: The kings of Tarshish & their islands will come bearing gifts; The kings of Arabia & Saba will bring presents. All kings of the earth shall worship Him;