As Scripture explains, the Church is an example of the New Jerusalem as seen by St. John the Apostle in Rev 21:1-3

Why do Girls cover their hair?

→ As women God created us with hair, but when we enter His temple, we are not there to be glorified, or to be adored. Hence we cover our hair, we are there to glorify our Father, to adore our Creator, & to praise His name. (1st Cor 11:2-11)

Why do we all (men & women) wear white netsela's?

→  By wearing white netselas in the sign of the cross, we symbolize the Holy Ones of God who wore white (Rev 3:4; 4:4 & 6:11). The Angels clothed in light stand in front of God with their 6 wings folded in the sign of the Cross (Isa 6:1-3).

Why are men & women separated inside the church?

→  There’s no male/female, husband or wife in heaven, we are souls, that in the kingdom, solely existing to praise our creator.

When we enter the heavenly Jerusalem we do not stand with each other, we don’t have specific seats, reserve spots for friends or family, because those relations do not exist in heaven. Again the Holy Church is a symbolism, a replica, an example, of the heavenly Jerusalem.

Why do we not bring food or drink inside?

→ The only life giving food, the true bread of life, and water that can quench our thirst is the Holy Body, and precious Blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Why do men not enter if they have emission, or why can't women go in if they are on their period?

→ The only thing to be spilled in the Holy Temple is the sacrifice of the blood offering that our Lord & Savior gave on the Holy Cross.

Why should we take off our shoes?

→ As we enter the Holy Temple consecrated by His precious blood, we should leave our sins outside the holy place, as Moses was also told to take his shoes off, as he is on Holy ground. (Exo 3:5; Acts 7:33).

“Therefore, brethren, stand fast and hold the traditions which you were taught, whether by WORD or our EPISTLE. “(2nd Thess 2:15)