Priest, Saint, & Composer


St. Yared

Books: Digua, Tsome Digua, Miraf, Zemarie, Mewasete

St. Yared is a saint who wrote the hymnody of the Church in the 6th Century A.D. Inspired by the Holy Spirit and moved by a deep love of the Church, he composed all the hymns of the church with musical notations. He created special hymns and musical variations for different occasions and seasons. The hymns of St. Yared are original, melodious, uplifting and inspiring. As the hymn is made to glorify and praise God, the cantor who sings it is completely absorbed by the religious tune. It is performed in a humble rapturous mood and with delicate movement. Due to the deep feeling of joy and the sense of piety it arouses, it is described as hymn akin to the song of the angels in praise of God. The hymn of St. Yared is the central and most beautiful element of Orthodox worship.  Each Sunday of our church has a theme, a mezmur, that the church ruminates on for that day.

“Albo im-qidmiehu we-albo im-direhu mahletay Yared kahn yekelehe tinsaiehu īyadu insisa we-sebi imneselase zemahu.” meaning:

 “Before him and after him there is no man of hymn like him. Yared the priest speaks about the resurrection of the Lord. Other men and animals cannot compare with him."

Meskerem September

Q. Yowhanis | St. John & New Year

we-tibarik aklīle Amete mihretike; we-yitsegbu Telate gedam;
we-yirewiyu adbare be-diw:: Mez 64:10

And you bless the crown of the year with Your goodness;
And Your fields will be filled with fatness; And the desert fruits will be made fat. Ps 65:11

She Praises Him | Tiwiediso

firie tsamake tisiesey; bitsu'i ante we-senay leke;
bi'isītike keme weyn simur wiste tsirha biet:: Mez 126

You shall eat the fruits of your labor; You are blessed, and it shall be well with you;
Your wife shall be like a vine prospering on the sides of your house. Ps 127

Zemene Tsigie | Season of the Flower

Mes. 26-Hidar 5

Zemene Astemhiro | Season of Learning

yehayu we-yihubiwo im-werq Areb; we-zelfe yi'tsieliyu be-intīahu;
we-kulo amīre yidhiriwo::

He shall live, and there shall be give Him from the gold of Arabia;
They shall pray continually because of Him, All the day long shall they bless Him.

The Nativity | Lidet

yehayu we-yihubiwo im-werq Areb;
we-zelfe yi'tsieliyu be-intīahu;
we-kulo amīre yidhiriwo::

He shall live, and there shall be give Him from the gold of Arabia;
They shall pray continually because of Him, All the day long shall they bless Him.

Tahsas | December

Zemene Asteriyo | Season of Revelation

Nazareth | Nazriet

nahu sema’inahu be-iefrata; we-rekebnahu wiste ome gedam;
nibewi’i inkese wiste ibyatīhu leIgzīabhier:: Ps 131

Behold, we heard of it in Ephrathah; We found it in the plains of the wood,
Let us enter into His tabernacles; Ps 132

Epiphany | Timqet

isme memhire hige hiyu berekete;
we-yihawir im-hayli wiste hayli;
we-yasteri'ī Amlake amalikt be-tsiyon:: Mez 83

For there the lawgiver shall give blessings; They shall go from strength to strength;
The God of gods shall be seen in Zion. Ps 84

tisiebiho iyerusaliem leIgzīabhier 'Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem
we-sebihīyo leAmlakikī tsiyon         'Praise your God, O Zion!
isme atsni'a menasigte hohatikī      'For He has strengthened the bars of your gates Ps. 147
ze-yatsegiba im-bereketu le-fitwetike 'who satisfies your desire with good things;
ze-yihiedisa keme nisir ze-wirzutike  'and your youth is renewed like the eagle's.
gebarie sahl Igzīabhier                             'the Lord shows mercies' Ps. 102

Yekatit | February

Abiy Tsom | Great Lent

He Came Down | Ze-werede

teqeneyu leIgzīabhier be-firhat'.                             
we-tehaseyu lotu be-ra'id
atsmi'iwa le-Tibeb keme īyitmeA'i Igzīabhier
Serve the Lord with fear & rejoice in Him with trembling lay hold of His instruction, lest the Lord be angry Ps. 2:11-12

Holy | Qidist

Igzīabhierise semayate gebre amīn we-senayt qidmiehu qidisate webe-sibhate wiste meqdesu 

The Lord made the heavens; Thanksgiving & beauty are before Him. Holiness & majesty are in His holy place. Ps. 96:5-6


Temple | Mikurab

Isme qinate bietike belAnī ti’irtomu le-ile yiteyeruke wedqe la’ilieye we-qetsa’ikiwa be-tsom le-nefsiye

For the zeal of Your house has consumed me, and the insults of those who disgraced You fell on me. I bent down my soul with fasting Ps. 69:10-11

Infirmity | Metsagu'i

Igzīabhier yiredi’u wiste arate himamu we-yimeyiT lotu
Kulo mizgabīhu im-dewīhu anse ibie Igzīo tesahalenī

May the Lord help him on his bed of pain; You turned his bed from sickness to wholeness. O Lord, I said, ‘Have mercy on me’ Ps. 41:4-5

Mt. Olives | Debre Zeit

Igzīabhierse gehade yimetsi’i weAmlakinehī īyaremim isat yinedid qidmiehu:

He is our God, and He shall not be silent; A fire shall be kindled before Him. Ps. 50:3

Faithful Servant | Gebre Heir

Keme im-kirbe qalike mekerku Amlakīye we-higekenī be-ma’ikele getsiye zienoku tsidqeke be-bahr abiy

I willed to do Your will, O my God, And Your law in the midst of my heart.I proclaimed righteousness in the great church; Ps 40:9-10

Nicodemus | Niqodimos

hawetskenī lielīte we-fetenkoke le-libīye amekerkenī we-ītirikbe ametsa be-la’ilieye keme yinbib afuye gibre gwal ime hiyaw

You tested my heart, when You visited me in the night; You tried me in the fire, and found nothing unjust in me. That my mouth might not speak of the works of men Ps. 17:3-4

Hosanna | Hosa'ina

Im-afe deqīq we-hitsanat astedaloke sibhat be-inte tsela’ī keme tinsiTo le-tsela’ī wele-gefa’ī

From the mouths of babies and nursing infants You prepared praise because of Your enemies, that You may destroy the enemy and avenger Ps. 8:2

Tinsa'ie & Dagmay Tinsa'ie | Holy Resurrection & Thomas' Sunday

zatī ilet inte gebre Igzīabhier nit’fesah we-nit’hasey batī, o Igzīo adhin’so

This is the day the Lord made; let us greatly rejoice and be glad therein. O Lord save us now. Ps. 117:24-25