Z. Kiremt | Rainy Season

New Year | St. John (1)

we-tibarik aklīle Amete mihretike we-yitsegibu Telate gedam we-yirewiyu adbare
"You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance" Psalm 65:11

This is the Cross | Zintu wi'itu Mesqel (3)

we-wehabkomu ti'imirte le-ile yiferhuke keme yamsiTu im-getse qist we-yidhanu fiquranīke.
"You have given a banner to those who fear You, That it may be displayed because of the truth. That Your beloved may be delivered,"

Meskerem | September

Ikut ante (2)

weIgzīabhier yihub mihreto, we-midrinī tihub firieha, tsidq yihawir qidmiehu.
"For the Lord will give goodness, and our land shall yield its fruit. Righteousness shall go before Him" Psalm 85:13-14

Your Cross | Mesqelike (4)

wiste kulu midr wetsa negerom. we-iske atsnafe Alem bets'ha nebībomu. we-wiste tsehay sime tsilaloto.
"Their proclamation went forth into all the earth, and their words to the ends of the world. In the sun He set His tabernacle;" Ps 18:5

Z. Tsigie | Season of Flowers

1) Tiwiediso merAt | The Bride praises Him

ፍሬ ፃማከ ተሴሰይ። ብፁዕ አንተ ወሠናይ ለከ። ብእሲትከ ከመ ወይን ሥሙር ውስተ ጽርሐ ቤትከ።
firie tsamake tesiesey, bitsu ante we-senay leke, bi'isītike kem weyn simur wiste tsirha bietike.
"You shall eat the fruits of your labor; you are blessed, and it shall be well with you. Your wife shall be like a vine, prospering on the sides of your house;" Ps 127:2-3

3) We-menu meharī ze-kemake | Who is there merciful like you?

መሐሪ ወመስተሣህል እግዚአብሔር; ወወሀቦሙ ሲሳዮሙ ለእለ ይፈርህዎ; ወተዘከረ ኪዳኖ ዘለዓለም። 
Meharī we-mestesahl Igzīabhier we-wehabomu sīsayomu le-ile yifer’hiwo we-tezekere kīdano zele-Alem::
The Lord is merciful and compassionate; He gave food to those who fear Him; He shall remember His covenant forever. Ps. 111:4-5

5) Tsegeye weyn | The vine has flourished

ዐፀደ ወይን አፈለስከ እምግብጽ ሰደድከ አሕዛበ ወተከልከ ኪያሃ ወፄሕከ ፍኖተ ቅድሜሃ።
Atsede weyn afleske im-gibtsi sededke ah’zab we-tekelke kīyaha we-tsiehake finote qidmieha::
You removed a vineyard from Egypt; You cast out the nations and planted it; You prepared the way before it,Ps. 80:8,9

Tiqimtī | October

2) Kīne Tibebu | His Skillful Wisdom

You shall eat the fruits of your labor; You are blessed, and it shall be well with you. Your wife shall be like a vine, prospering on the sides of your house; Ps. 128:2-3
tezeker Igzīo keme meriet nihne. sebise kem sa'ir mewa'ilīhu. we-keme tsigie gedam kemahu yiferī.
"He remembers we are dust. As for many, his days are like grass, as a flower of the field, so he flourishes;" Ps 102:14-15

4) Be-gīziehu halefe Kiremt | The Rainy Season passed

ጻድቅሰ ከመ በቀልት ይፈሪ ወይበዝኅ ከመ ዘግባ ዘሊባኖስ ትኩላን እሙንቱ ውስተ ቤተ እግዚአብሔር።
Tsadiqise keme beqelt yiferī:: we-yibezih keme zegiba ze-lībanos:: tikulan imuntu wiste biete Igzīabhier::
The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree; He shall be multiplied like the cedar in Lebanon. Those planted in the house of the Lord Shall blossom forth in the courts of our God; Ps. 92:12-14

6) Kristos serA senbet | Christ Established the Sabbath

ወይከውን ከመ ዕፀ እንተ ትክልት ኀበ ሙሐዘ እንተ ትሁብ ፍሬሃ በበጊዜሃ ወቈጽላኒ ኢይትነገፍ።
We-yikewin keme itse inte tikilt habe muhaze inte tihube firieha bebe-gīzieha we-qietslanī īyit’negef::
He shall be like a tree Planted by streams of waters, That produces its fruit in its season; And his leaf shall not wither Ps. 1:3