Welcome H.G. Abune Elias!!

The bishops ordained by the 5th patriarch of Eritrea H.H Pope Qierlos the 1st have all gone out to their dioceses.They arrived to their respective dioceses with great honor and respect continuing to deliver the apostolic news. Behold, now, one from the newly ordained bishops, a member of the Holy Synod, that was elected to be Bishop of the Diocese of North America, H.G Abune Elias arrived. Alongside the Secretary of the Holy Synod H.G Abune Luqas and chair of foreign affairs of the Patriarch office Fr. Bereket, the 3 fathers arrived safely to Washington DC on May 12 2022 (Ginbot 4th Ge’ez).

They were welcomed by father priests including Aba Gebresilasie, head of priests Fr Michael Teklay and some members of the diocese of North America, as well as representatives from various churches in the diocese, choir members, mothers and fathers with great rejoice.The fathers then headed to Tsirha Aryam Qidist Silasie (Throne of the Heavens Holy Trinity Church) where they led in the prayer of the Liturgy. Afterwards Aba GebreSilasie the lead father of Tsirha Aryam gave greetings of warm welcome to the reverend bishops. Revered Fr Michael then relayed the hope that our diocese had looking forward to the day we could receive our bishop to our diocese, and gave thanks to God. At the end H.G. Abune Luqas gave their blessing and words of thanks that God allowed us to see this day.

Thank God that He has allowed us to see this day. Welcome Abune Elias!!

Photo Credit: Stif Photography


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    Yosef Yonas says

    I remember Abune Elias came here to seattle Washington at Abune Gabre Menfes Qidus Eritrean Church in October 15 2022.

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