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Back to the Basics: Divine Liturgy

Imagine standing up the one Who loves you so much, leaving them even when they showed all that love and care for you.

Imagine not showing up to your wedding day, leaving your fiance that you claim to love at the altar when all you both did was prepare for that day.

Imagine not showing up when your friend is going through a big life change, not showing up when you promised you would, or not showing up when you are needed the most.

Think about how you would feel.

So you have prepared, attended the meetings to pick the cake and flowers for the wedding, poured so much love into someone for them to just not show up. So much time spent in your friendship, you make so many promises and declarations… that is what we do to God when we don’t show up to Divine Liturgy/ Qidase. Standing Him up on our wedding day.

We can do all the steps and fun things before Sunday like fellowship meet-ups for activities with our brothers and sisters, attending bible studies, & etc. But what’s the point of all of those things if we won’t show up to our Father’s house to praise Him? If we don’t show up on the day that matters the most, Sunday Divine Liturgy service.

Let us RSVP, attend, and PARTICIPATE in the wedding of Divine Liturgy. Let us also use the knowledge we gained today moving forward. We are not guests but the bride! Amen!
Glory be to God!

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