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Do Not Be Yoked

A yoke is an object used to harness two animals together for plowing in a field. In order for the two animals to accomplish any work at all, they have to be equally yoked, or harnessed; otherwise, they won’t make any progress. One will always be ahead while the other falls behind. They won’t get anything done. This will just be going in circles, never completing any tasks. This is why we are not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. It’s not because we hate unbelievers, because as Christ followers, we are to love everyone; (John 13:34-35) however, when it comes to those whom we share the deepest and most intimate bonds with, we have to be equally yoked.

Oftentimes, when we think of today’s passage, we think it only applies to marriage; however, in the context of this chapter, this verse is about staying at our post as believers as a whole. It’s a reminder to Christians that the reason we have to be equally yoked is because the world is watching us. They’re watching when we stand together, supporting each other, and when we don’t.

As a person who follows Christ, develop the kind of friendships that are not only based on common interests, but are also based on the common goal of pursuing the things of God just like you are!

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