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ዝርወተ አጽሙ | zirwete ats’mu | Scattering of His Bones

ዝርወተ አጽሙ | zirwete ats’mu | Scattering of His Bones

St. George the fighter, chief of the martyrs and the son of Anastasius and Theobesta. Who taught their son about Christianity and when St. George became 20 years old, his father passed and he left home to become a soldier like his father. On the way he found the people of Beirut worshiping a dragon. St George then killed the dragon from the power of God. He then taught the people of Beirut about the Lord and they believed!

However, once he got to where he wanted to go St. George saw the Emperor Diocletian and his 70 governors, worshiping idols, denying Christ. At that moment our mother St. Mary came to St. George and told him about all the torture he will receive and the honor as well. With that information he chose to be martyred in the name of the Lord.

The torture lasted 7 years, he died and was raised 3 times, he endured brutal tortore for the faith. He is called the Arch of the Martyrs. So after the 7 years of torture and mircales, he was beheaded and 7 crowns descended for him.

Today is called zirwete ats’mu or Scattering of his bones. Following shortly after the torture many people stood strong by their faith to God and became martyrs. The Emperor was frustrated by this and sentenced St. George to be cut into pieces and put into fire, reducing him to ashes.

Salutation to the burning of the bones of Saint George.

Glory be to God Who is glorified in His Saints, Amen.

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