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In the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen!

St. Abune Inqu Birhan | Fr. Pearl of Light

Our holy father Abune Inqu Birhan’s spiritual father was Abune Teklehaymanot of Wegerīqo Līban. And Abune Inqu Birhan was the spiritual father of Abune Seyfe Michael of the Monastery Tsa’ida Imba Qidist Silasie (White Mt. of the Holy Trinity). Also the remains of the Nunum martyrs of Rome, who practiced monasticism, are also found in this place. 

Even though this monastery of Abune Inqu Birhan Angab doesn’t have any monks now, it gave birth to the monastery of Tsa’ida Imba. It’s the birthplace of great Saints. Abune Inqu Birhan, had many disciples who that gave monasticism that are difficult to number. They traveled to the Hamasien region, to Barka, Sahil, Habab, Begos, Sinhīt, Halhal, and to Nagran and delivered the gospel as was told to the Apostles, and made many believers. Many people were baptised in this one river, and it is now called Ruba MeTemeqī, or the River of Baptism.

Abune Inqu Birhan led his people and spiritual children in the right path, while carrying 2 Ark of Covenants. One of the Arks was in the name of our Holy Savior, Medhanie Alem, and the other in the name of the Martyrs of Rome known to be “Nunum”. In the surrounding area of the monastery, there is a place called “Terekība,” meaning, “She was found”. It is called as such because our Mother the Holy Virgin St. Mary came and found Abune Inqu Birhan and blessed him.

There is also another place that is called “The Righteous” because in this place, Abune Inqu Birhan prayed for over 7 years.

Some Miracles:

-On the east side under the church's Sanctuary, there is a pool of Holy Water that heals all infirmities.

-The Lord gave Abune Inqu Birhan a golden cross from the heavens.

-His grave was placed under a rock of the biet meqdes. And by God’s grace it opened and the body of our father was covered without dirt, on its own. During the time of Mohammed Gragn, (the 1420’s) when he was burning the church holy equipment, and arks, our father’s monastery protected over 67 Tabernacles from burning. 

This was the covenant given to Abune Inqu Birhan, by our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ: “He who does a remembrance in your honor, calls upon your name, feeds the poor, gives drink to the thirsty, builds a church in your name, gives an offering, writes your strife, who listens or reads your strife, who translates your story will receive everlasting life in My kingdom. He whose feet is infirm, or whose lips have become white from leprosy, or whose entire body has become infirm, and believes in my promise when receiving your holy water, or rubbing your holy soil, I will surely heal.”

The annual feast of our holy father is celebrated on the 29th of Tiqimtī, the day of the departure of Abune Inqu Birhan. On the 24th of Hidar is the feast of the Nunum martyrs of Rome, and it is celebrated by the of Children of Shehay with great joy and with the melody of St Yarded. To this day, this group of people celebrate it in the nearby church of Medhanialem found in the mountain of Angab. 

The Lineage of Abune Inqu Birhan

  1. Abune Intonis | Fr. Anthony
  2. Abune Meqaris | Fr. Mecurius
  3. Abune Pagumīs | Fr. Pachomius
  4. Abune īlaryos | Fr. Hilarion
  5. Abune Iesdiros | Fr. Isidore
  6. Abune Tiewodros | Fr. Theodore
  7. Abune Aregawī (zeMichael)
  8. Abune Matyas | Fr. Matthias
  9. Abune Yosief | Fr. Joseph
  10. Abune Mesqel Bizane
  11. Abune Medhanīne Igzī Qedamawī
  12. Abune Mesqel Mewaī
  13. Abune Yohanī kalay
  14. Abune Īyesus MoA
  15. Abune Teklehaymanot Mahitot (the 1st) welegebrewahid
  16. Abune Gebrewahid
  17. Abune Nolawīne hier ze-biet Qīrqos 2nd
  18. Abune Teklehaymanot Tsehay ze-Shiwa 2nd
  19. Abune Ziena Gebriel
  20. Abune Hara Kristos
  21. Abune Inquie Silasie
  22. Abune Sawīros | Fr. Severus
  23. Abune Mamas
  24. Abune Efriem | Fr. Ephraim
  25. Abune Lebasie Kristos
  26. Abune Asa’ine Maryam
  27. Abune Habte Mariyam
  28. Abune Tsega zeAb
  29. Abune Inque Silasie leTewelde Hitsan Īyesus
  30. Abune Teklehaymanot ze-Wegerīqo Eritrea, the 3rd
  31. Abune Inquie Birhan ze-gedame angeb deqī shehay

We call Abune Inque Birhan the father of the monastery Tsa’ida Imba because he is the spiritual father of Abune Seyfe Michael. Abune Seyfe Michael is the father who established the Monastery of Tsa’ida Imba Qidist Silasie, and succeeded Abune Habte Silasie.

So, the monasteries of Abune Indriyas Sefa, Abune Nolawī Hier Adyabo, Abune Inqu Birhan Angeb the children of shehay, Abune Teklehaymanot Līban, Abune Seyfe Michael of Tsa’ida Imba Silasie, are brothers of Abune Aregawī zeDebre Damo. 

May their Abune Inqu Birhan be with us!

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