Church News: New Archeological Discovery in TsaEda Kristiyan

In the name of the Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit, One God, Amen!
New archeological discovery in TsaEda Kristiyan (White Christian), the ancient church.
In the dioceses of Zone MaEkel (Central Zone) sub-region Berik, ancient monuments have been discovered. These discovered pieces definitely require extensive studies and research.
  On February 11th, members of the museum of the Patriarchs office, the manager of the Eritrean's Museum Dr. Joseph, and Mr. Haile went on a tour of the place. leader of the project Mergieta (teacher) Merhawi with Fr Moses (part of the Church's administrators) went to survey the church and to further examine the exposed pottery and Paten. On the other end, the experts from the Eritrean museum took samples, to better understand the exposed monuments. 
  These monuments were discovered inside and outside the ancient Church's building of Tsaeda Kristiyan surroundings. These item stacks up the collection of historical artifacts of the Church's history and magnifies the Church's preservation of its items. These monuments aren't just a depiction of the early Christian communities but are grace and a blessing for the current generation, thus the Church sees them as its grand wealth.
  video use link, start on 5:01 


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