In the name of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit, and One God, Amen.

On the sixteenth day of the month yakatit (February 10) shall be celebrated the commemoration of our holy lady, the virgin, twofold mary, the God-bearer because she received therein the covenant of mercy from her son, our redeemer, Jesus Christ. Whosoever shall celebrate her commemoration and shall call upon her name, and shall give alms unto the poor and needy, even if it be a cup of cold water only [shall receive his reward].


Now when the Son of this holy woman Mary, whose pure flesh He had taken upon Himself, went up into heaven, He sat down on the right hand of His Father, having fulfilled all the Law, and taken upon Himself human nature, with the exception of sin, and gained dominion over the pains of the Cross by His own free will which He exercised for our redemption. And He left His mother Mary in the house of John His disciple, whom He loved, and whom He committed unto her protection, saying, Behold thy son," and also to that disciple He said, Behold thy mother." And our Lady Mary dwelt [there], and she was would go unto the grave of her Son, that is to say, to Golgotha, to pray there. And it came to pass that when the Jews saw her they were filled with wrath and jealousy, and they wished to stone her, but God made her disappear from their sight. Then they took counsel together and appointed guards over His grave so that she might not be able to come and pray there again, but she ceased not to go there each day. Now the guards never saw her, for the mantle of the glory of her Son made her be invisible, and angels came unto her at all times to minister unto her, and her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, watched over her continually and fulfilled for her all her desires.


 And after this He made her ascend into heaven, and He shewed her the place where the righteous rest and where dwell Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and the spirits of all the Fathers who had died from Adam unto Christ received her. And they bowed down before her and said, Glory be unto God Who hath created thee for us, flesh of our flesh, and bone of our bone-in thee we have found redemption. And thou hast become the Gate of Life leading away from destruction, through the Incarnation of the Son of God of thee." Then the angels lifted her up and carried her unto her beloved Son, [Who was seated upon] His throne and flames of fire covered Him roundabout on the right hand and on the left. Then our Lord took her hand, and He kissed her mouth and said unto her, Hast thou come, My mother Then He made her to ascend His throne of glory, and to sit by His side, and He described unto her the joy and gladness which eye hath never seen, and ear hath never heard, and the heart of man hath never imagined, that He had prepared for her. And below the throne, she saw David her father, the King of Israel, together with all the Company of the Prophets and the angels and the souls of the righteous were standing round about them. And David was singing psalms to his harp, and saying, Hearken, my daughter, see and incline thine ear, forget thy people in thy father's house, for the King hath desired thy beauty, and He is thy Lord (Psalm 45:10-11).


And again the angels set her so that she might see the place of judgment, and they brought her unto the place which was the boundary of the darkness that had been prepared for Satan and his angels, and for all those who walked in his ways. Then our Lady Mary said, Woe is me Who will announce to the children of men that they shall come here And an angel said unto her, Fear thou not, Mary, God is with thee. He is with thee, and He will be with those who shall come after thee." Then the angels carried her along and brought her back to her [former] place. And straightway our Lady Mary sat down, being exceedingly sorrowful for all the sinners. Now that day was the sixteenth day of the month Yakatit, and she stood upon the place of the skull (Golgotha), and she made supplication unto her Son, saying, adjure Thee, my Son, by God Almighty Thy Father, and by Thy Name, Christ, by the Paraclete Thy Spirit, and by my womb which bore Thee, Whom earth is not able to bear, and Whom even the angels are not able to ap proach, for nine months and five days adjure Thee, my Son, by Thy going forth from me without pain, and by Thy birth adjure Thee by my breasts which gave Thee suck, and by my lips which kissed Thee, and by my arms which embraced Thee, and by my feet which walked about with Thee adjure Thee by the cradle wherein Thou didst lie, and by the swaddling bands wherewith Thou wast swathed; my Son, my beloved One, entreat and make supplication unto Thee that Thou mayest hearken unto the voice of my petition, and mayest come unto me, and mayest fulfill everything which is in my heart."


 And it came to pass that when our Lady, the holy Virgin Mary, the Mother of the Light, had thus spoken, our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ came down, and with Him and round about Him were thousands of thousands and tens of thousands of angels. And He said unto her, What shall do for thee, Mary My Mother And what wish is it that thou wishest Me to fulfill for thee Then our Lady, the Holy Virgin Mary, made answer unto her beloved Son, and said unto Him, my Son, my Beloved One, my Lord and my Redeemer, my Hope, and my Refuge, in Whom is my trust, in Thee have my strength, and in Thy asylum do Thou protect me Thou art He Whom remember always. And now, hearken Thou unto my prayer and unto my entreaty, and incline Thine ear unto the words of my mouth. who speak unto Thee am Thy Mother Mary, and am Thine handmaiden. Whosoever shall celebrate the festival of my commemoration, or shall build a church in my name, or shall clothe the naked, or shall visit the sick, or shall feed the hungry, or shall give drink to him that is athirst, or shall comfort him that is sorrowful, or shall make to rejoice him that is broken in spirit, or shall write a book of my praises, or shall meditate upon the hymns [sung] to me on the day of my festival, reward Thou him, Lord, with good reward from Thyself, the which eye hath not seen, nor ear hath heard, nor mind of man hath conceived. beseech Thee and make supplication unto Thee, Lord, on behalf of all those who shall believe on me, that Thou wilt make them to be free from Sheol and that Thou wilt remember him that is an &hungered and him that is athirst, and all the trials which came upon me with Thee."


 And our Lord Jesus Christ answered and said unto her, It shall be even as thou sayest, and will fulfill for thee all thy petition. Did not become a man through thee swear by Myself that will not break My Covenant with thee."

 Salutation unto thee, Book of the Law and the Covenant like unto the Tables of stone,

For each and every one who shall

call upon thy name!

Let the hearts of sinners be softened, let the hearts of the oppressors be softened,

Let the hearts of those who are afflicted with sorrow be softened, Mary. Amen.

  SOURCE= Legend of Our Lady Mary the Perpetual Virgin and Her Mother Hanna  Page 54-57

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