Glorious Feast of the Resurrection

“Kristos Tense’a Em’mutan” (Christ Is Risen From the Dead)


We are gathered here on this day to remember Christ’s resurrection from the dead. It is not just the day that HE rose from the dead, it is the day that our resurrection was declared. The day that the power of death once and for all disappeared. He will swallow up death in victory, and the Lord God will wipe away tears from off all faces; and the rebuke of his people shall he take away from off all the earth: for the Lord hath spoken it (Isaiah 25:8).

For, by the death of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross, death was defeated and it lost its grip and power over humanity. By the descent of our Lord of glory into Hades, the guards of Hades were terrified having realized that the forthcoming was not a normal person but the Lord God of Hosts Who cannot die and before Whom the gates of Hades were destroyed. Thus He entered with mighty power to lead captivity captive and liberate from the authority of death.

The Lord entered Hades to proclaim to those who died on the hope of resurrection that He had offered Himself a living sacrifice acceptable before God the Father thus fulfilling His promise to Adam to crush the serpent's head and washing all of humanity's sins with His precious blood. Hence propitiation was procured and reconciliation was settled between heaven and earth.

Adam and Eve and all the captives of Hope rejoiced at the Lord's proclamation of Salvation from eternal death and Satan's grasp. They rejoiced at the opening of the gates of paradise and many of the reposed rose and entered the holy city of Jerusalem.

Then the Lord rose from the dead on the third day granting the church life, triumph, and enlightenment. He also gave us the power of His Resurrection and the partaking of His sufferings through the holy mystery of Baptism from which we emerge renewed in His image and likeness and become a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit.

The Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ has granted enlightenment to the believers. For, the door to the Paradise of Joy was opened forth before them, the wall separating God from humanity was broken down, and the Cherub guarding the Tree of Life with a fire sword was removed and we were given to partake of the Holy body and blood of our Lord through the Mystery of the Eucharist.

The Resurrection of our Lord renewed the once lost Hope in eternal life. Fear from death dissipated as death is no more the end of life but the beginning of a better one. That is why the martyrs hurried with love and joy to shed their blood for the sake of the Lord in order to obtain a better resurrection.

The Resurrection of our Lord restored power to the disciples and all those who believed in His name. For instead of the terrible fear they were in after the crucifixion and burial of our Lord, they were proclaiming powerfully and courageously. The forty days after Resurrection that the Lord had spent with His disciples were the reason behind their boldness and open defense of the Resurrection so firmly and steadfastly.

The Resurrection of our Lord granted us the heavenly wisdom foretold in Solomon's prophecy: Wisdom (the Logos) built her house (the church) and carved her seven pillars (the holy mysteries) and slaughtered her offerings (Jesus Christ) and mixed her wine in her cup (the precious blood) and prepared her table (the Holy altar) and sent forth saying "whoever lacks wisdom let him come to me" and I say to the short of understanding "come eat from my food and drink from my wine" (the Holy Communion).

The outcome of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is powerful, effective and everlasting extending to the end of ages to all those who believe in it. On the other hand, those who reject and deny it will not have a Resurrection of life but one of condemnation.

May the light of the Resurrection remain shining in our life in order to kindle the Holy Spirit in us so that we may grow in good deeds and virtues keeping away from the darkness of sin where there is no fellowship between darkness and light. Let us trust in the power of the Resurrection because with it we can trample over serpents and scorpions and all the powers of the enemy. Let us guard ourselves against all attacks from the enemy with the Lord's powerful Cross and Holy Gospel which have proclaimed the good news to us. Let us delight in the reconciliation with God, the forgiveness we have received through His holy Resurrection and the eternal inheritance prepared for the saints so that we may rejoice always with the disciples who rejoiced for having seen the Lord.

During the Ressurection occasion, we recite a small proclamation known as “Kristos Tense’a Em’mutan.” It begins with a Keshi (Priest) followed by a response by the faithful. The Keshi stands in front of the altar holding the Qewami Meskel and begins with the following:

Kristos Tensea Em'mutan ----------- Christ is risen from the dead!...
Be’abye Haile Wuseltan -------------- By the highest power and authority!
Asero Lesaitan ------------------------- He chained “Satan”!
Agazo Le’adam ------------------------ Freed Adam!
Selam ---------------------------------- Peace!
Em’ye’eziese -------------------------- Henceforth!
Kone ------------------------------------ Prevail!
Feseha Wuselam -------------------- Joy and Peace!

Source: TYOM, Coptic Bishop Yousef

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