Abune Aregawī / Abune Ze-Mikaiel

Born around 455 A.D. in Constantinople our holy righteous father Abune Aregawī was chosen by God from a young age.

Our Holy father Abune Aregawi remembering the scriptures of the Holy Gospel "He who loves father or mother more than Me...& he who does not take his cross & follow after Me is not worthy of Me,” Matt. 10:37-39, decided to flee from this world to serve God. At 14 years, he received the Eskima (monkhood). Abune Aregawi & eight other Holy fathers departed to the land of Agazian (modern day Eritrea to Axum, Ethiopia).


Arriving first in Eritrea, after learning the Agazian language (Ge’ez)the 9 saints later proceeded to Axum they departed different directions in the land to teach the word of God. After departing Axum our Holy Father was lead to a high mountain impossible to climb. Abune Aregawi knew this place was Holy, prayed earnestly & God sent him St. Michael showing him a large serpent & holding onto it ascended the mountain. After reaching the mountain top he said “Hallelujah to the Father, Hallelujah to the Son & Hallelujah to the Holy Spirit” therefore the mountain was called Debre (Mt.) Halie-luya.

Abune Aregawi climbing Debre Damo through the use of a snake led by the Archangel St. Michael.

The emperor at the time built a way for pilgrims to go up & down the mount, and Abune Aregawi ordered him to “Dahmimo” (destroy it), & prophesied that no path should be built to climb the mountain. The monastery was named Mt./Debre Damo, to this day only a rope is used to climb the Holy Mountain symbolizing the serpent our holy father Abune Aregawi used to ascend & descend the mountain.

As the Prophet Henok (Enoch), Gen. 5: 4 & the Prophet Elias, 2 Kings 2:811, God through his grace hid Abune Aregawi from the face of death.

"Selam leke Ze-mīkael bi-tsu' ante gebarie te'amir se'al be-intīane O aboye Aregawī"
"Salutation to Ze-Mikael righteous art thou doer of miracles, O our Father Aregawi intercede on our behalf."

Abune Aregawi’s history told by Qesis Hermon of St. Mary’s in London, Canada.


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