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Cana at Galilee!

Today we celebrate and remember how Jesus performed His first miracle at the Cana of Galilee during His ministry. This event is so important that it is commemorated as one of the minor feasts of our Lord Jesus Christ!

In the Gospel of St.John we read about how Jesus and St.Mary went to Cana at Galilee to attend a wedding. The wine had run out so St.Mary told Jesus about this. Jesus told the servants to fill 6 large jugs with water. When the servants used the jugs to fill up the master of the banquet’s cup, the water miraculously turned into wine. The servants who had drawn the water were the only ones who knew where the wine had come from, so the master of the feast was incredibly shocked when he tasted this wine of unknown origin and told the bridegroom, “Every man at the beginning sets out the good wine, and when the guests have well drunk, then the inferior. You have kept the good wine until now!” (John 2:10)

Why is this story important? With this miracle, we see Jesus’ unyielding love for us and how He will always provide for our needs. Just as he exceeded their expectations not only with the creation of wine, but also by the quality of it, He will always exceed our expectation and provide us with what’s best for us! We also see the power of intercession in this story as St.Mary asked her Son, our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ to help and provide the wine. We also can ask St.Mary to pray and intercede on our behalf to the Lord!

May God continue to hear our prayers and bless us with what we need, and may the intercessions of St.Mary be with us now and forever, amen!

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