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"For The Good of Those Who Love Him"

It is easy to forget who it is that we worship especially since there are a lot of distractions, outside influences coupled with our own expectations on how God operates. This Sabbath we commemorate the first miracle performed by Christ, at the wedding in Cana of Galilee, after the start of His Ministry. In light of this occasion, a lot of the attendees drank wine.  

When the wine ran out, Our Holy Virgin asked Our Lord for His help. He told the servants to fill up the pots with water. This didn't make sense because what is needed is wine, not water. However, the servants obeyed faithfully and saw the water turn to wine.  

A lot of us, if not all, tend to expect God to help us in a way that makes sense to us rather than a way that Our Lord deems best. We fall into the assumption that we know better than the all-knowing, all-powerful, and most importantly all-loving God. As St. Paul said in His epistle, “And we know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him” In this we need to acknowledge that, though the methods are unclear to us, The Almighty Lord has our best interest in mind through every action.  

Halleluya Halleluya Halleluya : Jesus went, with joy, to the wedding : that He may perform wondrous miracles in the midst of Gentiles : He showed them marvelous things and His disciples believed in Him : He told them to fill up the water pots until the brim : The master of the feast tasted the blessing that the Lord provided and marveled : Our Savior and Our Hope The Son of God : He turned the water to wine.  

ሃሌ ሉያ፡ ሃሌ ሉያ፡ ሃሌ ሉያ፡፡ ሖረ፡ ኢየሱስ፡ በትፍሥሕት፡ ውስተ፡ ከብካብ። እንዘ፡ ይገብር፡ ተአምረ፡ ወመንክረ፡ በውስተ፡ አሕዛብ። ሖ፡ አርአዮሙ፡ ስብሐቲሁ፡ አምኑ፡ ቦቱ፡ አርዳኢሁ። ሖ፡ ወይቤሎሙ፡ ቅድሑ፡ ማየ፡ ወምልእዎን፡ ለመሳብክት፡ እስከ፡ አፉሆን። ሖ፡ ጥዒሞ፡ አንክረ፡ ሊቀ፡ ምርፋቅ፡ በረከተ፡ ዘአምላክ፡ ገብረ። ሖ፡ ቤዛነ፡ ተስፋነ፡ ወልደ፡ አምላክ። ወለማይኒ፡ ረሰዮ፡ ወይነ።  

halie luya, halie luya, halie luya. hore īyesus be-tifsih’t wiste kebkeb inze yigebir te’amire we-menkire be-wiste ah’zab. Ho- arayomu sibhatīhu aminu botu, arda’īhu. ho- we-yibielomu- qid’hu maye we-miliwon le-mesabikt iske afuhon. ho- Ti’īmo ankire līqe mirfaq berekete zeAmlak gebre. ho- biezane tesfane Welde Amlak. wele-mayinī reseyo weyne.

Liturgical Readings
Heb 2:1-11
1 John 5:1-13
Acts 10:30-39
John 2:1-11
Anaphora of St Dioscoros or the Three Hundred

Ps 83/84:7,8
እስመ መምህረ ሕግ ይሁብ በረከተ፡
ወየሐውር እምኃይል ውስተ ኃይል፡
ወያስተርኢ አምላከ አማልክት በጽዮን።

isme memhire hig yihub berekete
we-yehawir im-hayl wiste hayl
we-yasteri’ī Amlake amalikt be-tsiyon.

“For there the lawgiver shall give blessings. They shall go from strength to strength; the God of gods shall be seen in Zion.”

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