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"How do we learn to pray?"

"If you do not feel like praying, you have to force yourself.
The Holy Fathers say that prayer with force is higher than prayer unforced. The Kingdom of Heaven is take by force (Matt 11:12) -St. Ambrose of Optina"
Train yourself to pray for the sake of praying:
Saint Isaac was asked: “How do we learn to pray?”
He responded: “By praying.”

There is no doubt that prayer, like any spiritual activity,
comes down from the Father of lights.“ (James 1:17).

Seek it as did the disciples who said:
Lord, teach us to pray.“ (Luke 11:1).

Say to Him:
Allow me, O’Lord, to pray, and the sweet seclusion to be with You.
Give me the words that I should say and grant me the desire to pray.
Grant me love with which to love You and which makes me pray.
Grant me warmth in prayer, tears and submission.

I do not know how to pray, O’Lord, so teach me how.Grant me the appropriate feelings for prayer. Speak to me, O’Lord, that I may speak with You.

Glory be to God!
May the prayers of Our Lady the Holy St. Virgin Mary, and of all the Saints be with us.

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