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I Shall Appoint Him My Firstborn!

Today joy has come because of the birth of our Lord Christ from the Holy Virgin. In the heavens, the angels rejoiced. And on earth, peace has dominated. Truly the glory of His birth is wondrous. On this week’s mezmur St Yared focuses on the mystery of Incarnation, Tewahdo!  
“I shall appoint Him my Firstborn” magnifies the unity of flesh and divine nature. St Paul explains this mystery in Hebrew 1:6 “And again, when God brings his firstborn into the world, he says, “Let all God’s angels worship him.” When the Word became flesh, and united Himself to the body and soul of man, He became one person and one nature without change, separation or division.  
He was born to be food for the hungry, light to those in darkness, shepherd for lost sheep, resurrector to those dying in sins and the true path to His Kingdom.  
A star shall come out of Jacob and shall remove sin from Israel. And I shall appoint Him my Firstborn. He is above the kings of the earth. And I shall appoint Him my Firstborn. And He shall be a shelter to all the earth (people). And I shall appoint Him my Firstborn. On top of the mountains. And I shall appoint Him my Firstborn. Today, in heaven, the hosts of the army of angels shall rejoice. And I shall appoint Him my Firstborn.   
ሃሌ ሃሌ ሉያ፤ ይሠርቅ ኮከብ እምያዕቆብ። ወየአትት ኃጢአተ እምእስራኤል። ወአነሂ በኵርየ እሬስዮ። ልዑል ውእቱ እምነገሥተ ምድር። ወአነሂ በኵርየ እሬስዮ። ወይከውን ምስማከ ለኩሉ ምድር። ወአነሂ በኵርየ እሬስዮ። ውስተ አርእስተ አድባር።ወአነሂ በኵርየ እሬስዮ። ዮምሰ በሰማያት ይትፌሥሑ ሠራዊተ መላእክት። ወአነሂ በኵርየ እሬስዮ። ወአነሂ በኵርየ እሬስዮ።  
halie halie luya, yiseriq kokeb im-ya’iqob. we-yat’t haTīate im-isra’iel. We-anehī bekuriye iriesiyo. li’ul wi’itu im-negeste midri. we-anehī bekuriye iriesiyo. we-yikewin mismake le-kulu midri. we-anehī bekuriye iriesiyo. wiste ar’iste adbar. we-anehī bekuriye iriesiyo. yom’ise be-semayat yit’fiesihu serawīte mela’ikt. we-anehī be-kuriye iriesiyo. we-anehī bekuriye iriesiyo.  
Ro 11:25-end  
1 Jn 4:1-9  
Acts 7:12-22  
Mt 2:1-12
Anaphora of Dioscoros

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