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Our Sacrifice is..

And on this day also were martyred Saint Cyriacus & Julitta his mother, and 11,434 men in the days of Alexander, the governor.
And the governor, said unto her, “Offer sacrifice to the gods.” And she said unto him, “I will not offer sacrifice to unclean gods, but only to my Lord Jesus Christ.”

And they found the boy Cyriacus, who was 3 years old. And the governor said unto him, “Sacrifice to the gods, so that I may honor you, and give you money.” And the boy said unto him, “Get far from me, O messenger of Satan, and enemy of Righteousness.”

The governor commanded them to bring a red-hot cauldron & to cast him into it; Her son prayed, & God gave him divine power to such a degree that she & her son went into it and came out there from alive & uninjured. And the governor commanded the soldiers to cut off their heads with the sword.

Our Lord Jesus Christ came down & said unto the boy, “Tell me the things which you wish for.” And Cyriacus said unto Him, “Let not my body be buried on earth & whosoever shall call upon my name, or... grant such their desires & forgive them their sins” And his body was set in the chariot of Elijah.” When the boy gave thanks to God & was crowned with his mother during the night.

What about us, we haven’t been asked to be martyred in the flesh, but we have been asked to refuse the dance and song of the passing world. The idolatry of watching netflix too often rather than a movie about a saint. Or a being distracted by sliding up on the next entertainment on who posted what on instagram or snapchat. Sliding up on Facebook every second at the touch of a button. Are we controlling what we watch or is our phone controlling us? Our idol is not another make believe statue, but the element which we are using to read this post.

What are we going to do about it? God didn’t ask you to sacrifice our life, but something that we take for granted daily. Our TIME. He asks for our time.

Glory be to God who is glorified in His saints.

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