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Perfect God | Amlak Fitsum

Imagine God in His glory, Creator, Crown of the martyrs, Appointer of priests. Imagine Him on His throne of majesty, ruling from His kingdom, with the world in His hands. ⁣

Now, remember Him incarnate, being born in a manger, being warmed by the breath of the cattle. Remember Him fleeing massacre, experiencing hunger, thirst, tiredness. Remember, His blood, the innumerable whips, the humiliation. Remember the tears of His Holy Mother.⁣

A third time, look who is holding you right now. Who wiped your tears of repentance last night. Look at your Shepherd who carries you wounded. Look up to your Father. ⁣

Beloved of the Lord, Meditate on His perfection. ⁣

God is perfect in His being. He who was before the creation of the world, who rules the world from His kingdom, made the heavens for His glory, created the world and founded the earth. He rebuked the sea and all of creation. The Father sanctified the Sabbath [eternal rest] for those who sit in judgement. Come near to Him, to the God of righteousness, to the dwelling place of the pure. So that you may receive the crown of glory which He prepared for those who love Him. Those who have pleased their Lord in the world have inherited the crown of witness with their faith, enduring in grace, beauty, and faith. [Their Lord] Teacher of the holy, Crown of the martyrs, Apointer of priests! ⁣

አምላክ ፍጹም በህላዌሁ፤ ዘሀሎ እምቅድመ ይትፈጠር ዓለም፤ ዘበመንግሥቱ ይኴንን ዓለመ፤ ሰማየ ገብረ ለስብሐቲሁ፤ ዓለመ ፈጠረ ወምድረ ሣረረ ወገሠፀ ባሕረ፤ ወገሠፆሙ ለኵሉ ፍጥረት፤ እለ ውስተ ደይን ያዕርፉ ባቲ አብ ቀደሳ ለሰንበት፤ ቅረቡ ኀቤሁ ለአምላከ ጽድቅ፤ ማኅደር ለንጹሐን፤ ከመ ትንሥኡ አክሊለ ስብሐት ዘአስተዳለወ ለእለ ያፈቅርዎ፤ ጸንዑ በጸጋ በስን ወበሃይማኖት፤ ወረሱ አክሊለ ስምዕ በእምነቶሙ፤ እለ እምዓለም አሥመርዎ ለእግዚኦሙ፤ መምህረ ቅዱሳን፤ አክሊለ ሰማዕት ሠያሜ ካህናት። ⁣

Amlak fitsum be-hilawiehu, ze-halo im-qidme yitfeTer alem, zebe-mengistu yikuenin aleme, semaye gebre le-sibhatīhu, aleme feTere we-midre sarere we-gesetse bahr, we-gesetsomu le-kulu fiTret, ile wiste deyn ya’irifu batī ab qedesa le-senbet, qrebu habiehu le-amake tsidq, mahider le-nitsuhan, keme tinsi’u aklīle sibhat ze-astedalewe le’ile yafewiriwo, tsen’u be-tsega be-sin webe-haymanot, weresu aklīle sim’i be-imnetomu, ile im-alem asmeriwo le-igzī’omu, we-mihre qidusan, aklīle sema’it seyamie kahinat.

Liturgical Readings
Hebrews 12:22-end
James 3:1-10
Acts 21:27-33
Matt 8:23-end

መዝ. Psalm 88/89:12
ዚአከ ውእቱ ሰማያት ወእንቲአከ ይእቲ ምድር፡
ዓለምኒ በምልዑ አንተ ሣረርከ፡
ባሕረ ወመስዐ ዘአንተ ፈጠርከ

zī’ake wi’itu semayat we-intī’ake yi’itī midr aleminī be-mil’u ante sarerke
bahre we-mes’a ze-ante feTerke

“The heavens belong to You, and the earth is Yours; You founded the world and its fullness. You created the north wind and the seas;"

Anaphora of the Lord

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