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The Blessed Bride! Season of the Flower

This week St Yared meditates on the Bride of Christ! She is the Church, the body of Christ, she is St Mary, she is the soul that gives herself fully for Christ. She knows the pleasant voice of her Beloved, and thus she follows. ⁣
One such example we know is St Arsema the Virgin, the one who denied worldly suitors & desired only to be the bride of Christ. As St John writes,“‘Come, I will show you the bride, the Lamb’s wife.’...Her light was like a most

 precious stone…” (Rev 21:9,11)⁣⁣
Indeed, kings desired her beauty, but her eyes were only for Christ. Being blessed as she grew up as a child obeying her parents, she became a righteous ascetic and a powerful martyr. Today Meskerem 29 we commemorate her martyrdom.⁣

“With what could we symbolize our mother St. Arsema? As our Savior Christ has said in the Gospel, “A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid” (Matt. 5:14), the life of this martyr is seen revealed like light before us.” ⁣

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! The bride praises Him saying “come my Beloved, let us go to the field and see if the vine has flowered and if the pomegranate has blossomed.” (Song of Songs 7:12-13) Because He (the groom) is the only begotten Son of the Father and the Lord of the Sabbath who adorned the heavens with stars and the earth 

with beauty of flowers, the bride (the Church) praises Him saying "my beloved, Your voice is pleasant.”⁣
Symbolism: The church is the bride that bears her children through baptism. The pomegranates that blossom are the believers, children of the church that blossomed with their deeds.⁣

ሃሌ ሉያ ፤ ሃሌ ሉያ፤ ሃሌ፡ ሃሌ ሉያ፤ ትዌድሶ መርዓት፤ እንዘ ትብል ነዓ ወልድ እኁየ፤ ንፃእ ኀቅለ፤ ትዌድሶ መርዓት፤ ንርአይ ለእመ ጸገየ ወይን፤ ወለእመ ፈረየ ሮማን፤ ትዌድሶ መርዓት፤ አሠርገወ ሰማየ በከዋክብት፤ ወምድረኒ በሥነ ጽጌያት፤ ትዌድሶ መርዓት፤ እስመ ውእቱ ወልድ ዋሕድ፤ እግዚአ ለሰንበት። ትዌድሶ መርዓት ወትብሎ፤ ወልድ እኁየ ቃልከ አዳም።⁣
Halie luya, halie luya, halie halie luya, tiwiediso mer’at inze-tibl ne’a weld ihuye n’tsa’i haqle tiwiediso mer’at, nir’ay le-ime tsegeye wele-ime fereye roman tiwiediso mer’at, asergewo semaye be-kewakibt we-midrinī be-sine tsigieyat tiwiediso mer’at, isme wi’itu weld wahid Igzī’a le-senbet tiwiediso mer’at we-tiblo weld ihuye qalike adam.⁣
Sunday liturgical readings: Ephesians 5:21-end, Rev 21:1-9, Acts 2:31-end, John 3:25-end
Sources: EOTC Debre Berhan, (Translated by Mhr. Esuendale Shemeles with the permission of Dn. Yordanos Abebe)

Our greatly awaited Season of the Flower/Zemene Tsigie commemorating the flight of the Holy Family in Egypt has arrived! May the blessings of her Beloved Son and her intercessions be with us! Check out the full version of this hymn on YouTube!

ትዌድሶ መርዓት ወትብሎ (፪)
ወልድ እኁየ ቃልከ አዳም (፬)
tiwiedso mer’At we-tiblo 2x
“weldi ihuye qalike adam” 4x
The blessed bride praises him and says 2x
“Your voice is pleasing my beloved groom” 4x

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