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Abune Libanos ze-Debre MeTa'i

Our father Abune Libanos was born in the city of Constantinople into a wealthy and God fearing family. Once Abune Libanos reached the age of marriage, he refused marriage and was given an exception to stay for just one night.

During this night, he thought a lot and wished to seek God, and at that time a holy Angel called his name three times, and Abune Libanos responded by saying “Here I am my lord”, and the angel took him from his father and led him to his journey to Egypt where there was the Monastery of Dawnas (Debre Zayt) from Rome.

Once he reached the monastery, there he met with a well known Monk, Father Pachomius, who was the establisher of the rites of monkhood. After Abune Libanos stayed in the monastery, he eventually received his monasticism.

Because the Lord wanted Abune Libanos to travel and spread His words, the Holy Spirit spoke through Father Pachomius telling Abune Libanos to go to Eritrea and all it’s surrounding countries. Abune Libanos lived in Aseged Bakla secluded for 7 years only serving God. And after that, he stayed in a cave for 70 years more in a place called Kisad Dairo.

All saints receive a special gift/blessing from God and Abune Libanos’ gift was that wherever he walked and dug his cane on the ground, water would spring forth. One place his gift can still be seen till this day is Debre Werda Guhucha Nikon where he stayed for 70 years serving God, in isolation from the world.

Up until this day the waters from Debre Werda Guhucha Nikon continue to pour and heal many ill and disabled individuals including non Christians were healed from the blessed waters.

Abune Libanos was the first to translate the Gospel of Mathew from Greek to Ge’ez!

May the blessings of the fathers be with us all

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